Video - White Trash Do-It-Yerself Volume 1: The Bonfire

Videa GWM Wingle White Trash Do-It-Yerself Volume 1: The Bonfire

White Trash Do-It-Yerself Volume 1: The Bonfire

Today, on White Trash Do-It-Yourself, Tommy will give you step by step instructions on how to build a big, beautiful, bitchin', bangin' bonfire. He will show you the best tips and shortcuts you can use to achieve maximum results with minimum effort. (Sorry to all the peeps whom I had promised I would have a fresh "Crack" episode posted for. In order to edit the White Trash video, I had to borrow a friend's laptop, which has all the software necessary for me to do my editing, and since she needs the laptop for school, I had a severe time limit as to how long I could borrow it for...) MUSIC: "Genius (Lunatic Calm Mix, also known as the Dysfunctional theme)" by Pitchshifter, their 1997 hit single, first published through City Of Angels Records, later re-released by Geffen Records. Song ownership is held by Pitchshifter, and by City Of Angels and Geffen. "Wipeout" performed by The Surfaris, their 1962 "B-Side" hit single, which quickly surpassed its "A-Side" counterpart "Surfer Joe". Ownership of these songs are held by The Surfaris (and NOT by Morton Downey Jr. NOR the Beach Boys)

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