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Videa GWM Haval Zheng He: China's Greatest Admiral

Zheng He: China's Greatest Admiral Here's the trailer to our award winnning documentary. It's hosted and inspired by my partner, Mike Yamashita, the legendary photographer for National Geographic Magazine. Our 90 minute film won top prize at the Asian TV Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Original Musical Score. It aired only on the National Geographic Channel in Asia. And now as Executive Producers, we hope to distribute this around the world. This film is the 2nd in our series, after "Marco Polo The World's Greatest Overland Journey." And our next film will be called "Footsteps Along the Great Wall," in which we will tell the stories of those whose ancestors built and defended the Wall - one of the World's Greatest Wonders. We're now securing sponsors and broadcasters, hopefully in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. (Fred Chan & Mel Henderson serve as our Co-EPs).

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